How To Signup With Global Domains International

Step 1 - Log in Power Lead System and click on 'Companies You Promote'.



Step 2 - Scroll through the list of companies & find 'Global Domains International'

Highlight 'Global Domains International' and click 'Save'


Paste & Save this URL for 'Global Domains International'

Enter Your Global Domains International Sign Up Page


To 'Copy & Paste', highlight the entire link above, right click your mouse, and click 'Copy'
Wherever your cursor is blinking, right click your mouse and click 'Paste'.

Be sure you Enter Your Affiliate Username in the URL above!

Be sure you login at and Enter Name Server: DNS1.NAME-SERVICES.COM, DNS2.NAME-SERVICES.COM, and Enter IP Address # for Name Server IP1 and IP2

- - - - - - - -


Step By Step Instructions “How To Signup With Global Domains International” will guide you through each step to get started in your GDI business. Once you have gone all the way through the signup process, you should receive a welcome email from myself, or the person you have signed up under with further instructions to help to you become successful in GDI.

Once you are signed up, please go to the next GUIDE which shows you how to EARN $25.00 right away! This is the LEARNING BONUS which requires 7 EASY steps to complete. I show you exactly what you need to do in each step. Once all 7 steps are completed, GDI approves each one, and you will get a notification of completion. $25 will be deposited into your back office into your GDI account. You can see your $25 GDI Bonus by clicking on “commissions” on the left in the menu options once they have deposited it to your account.

NOW…Let’s get you signed up to one of the MOST FANTASTIC Business Opportunities on the internet!

How To Sign Up With Global Domains International

How To Sign Up With Global Domains International

STEP#1. You will see a button saying “ FREE TRIAL ” or “SIGN UP FOR FREE” which you will CLICK.

Here are two examples of what you may see…





How To Sign Up With Global Domains International

STEP#2. The next page should look like this that you will fill out…



Make sure your sponsors name is at the top right of the page before starting the process. If you DO NOT see the right person, STOP! Go back to the person who gave you the link and ask for the right one. Then, proceed to fill out the form…

Create your usernamefor your account. This can be whatever you like. For example, mine is “foundthebest”. If it is one that has been taken by someone else, they will tell you to pick a different one, or modify the one you want to be a bit different until they say it is available.

***PLEASE NOTE: whatever USERNAME you choose, will become your .WS DOMAIN NAME. This is going to be your URL to your GDI website and Blog if you decide to use this service in GDI. So choose wisely as to what you want your Domain Name to be.

To make it easy, you can pick the same name as your username (or your first and last name). Just remember that if you decide to create a website later on, this domain name will be your website name; so choose it wisely. Do NOT pick a .NET or .COM. If you do, you will pay more than the regular $10 per month that GDI offers. Do NOT select a premium domain neither. They are more expensive.

As an Example for you to see what I mean, mine is:

How To Sign Up With Global Domains International

Create a Password.This is usuallya combination of letters, numbers and symbols from your keyboard. BE SURE To WRITE IT DOWN! It is very easy to forget what you made up!

How To Sign Up With Global Domains International

Salutation. This is what you would be called such as Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss

How To Sign Up With Global Domains International

First Name and Last Name. No need to explain what goes here!

How To Sign Up With Global Domains International

STEP #3. This is self explanatory. Write down your security questions someplace safe in case you ever need to reference back to them at some point.


STEP #4. The next page will ask for your payment information.GDI is FREE to get started in with a 7 day free trial period. At the end of 7 days, if you wish to continue with GDI to earn money, use the products and services, you are required to pay $10 a month. They will need your payment information ahead of time so when the 7 days are up, your account will remain active. You can log into your back office any time to change your payment options. If you need help doing this, let me know, I can help walk you through it.


You should see an amount of ONLY $10 on this page. If you see an amount higher, you have done something wrong.Also, you do NOT need to add “Domain privacy”.

Click Continue if everything looks right.You do NOT need to add GDI Premium at this point. When you begin making income, you can consider adding the Premium membership to your account.

GDI is RISK FREE (No money down) for 7 days. Once your free trial is over, GDI will debit your account automatically for ONLY $10/month. Most trial members stay with GDI after their 7-Days because they enjoy the income opportunity that GDI offers. GDI offers 5 different ways to pay, Credit, Debit, Prepaid, Paypal and Bank Wire.

How To Sign Up With Global Domains International

STEP #5.YOU ARE DONE! You can now log in to your back office by going to the link they send you in your welcome email, or CLICK HERE. The log-in page should look like this…


How To Sign Up With Global Domains International

Fill in your USERNAME and PASSWORD you created when filling out STEP #2. If you forget your username or password, you can email support, or click on “Forgot Your Password” and they will either send it to you, or have you create a new password. Either way, it is not the end of the world. You will be able to get logged in once they send you your log in details. This is why I stress to WRITE IT DOWN when completing STEP #2.

How To Sign Up With Global Domains International

STEP #6. As I mentioned in the very beginning, it is time to go to the “LEARNING BONUS GUIDE”.Complete this to earn your first $25 in GDI. This, along with the FREE 7 day trial pays your first 3 months in GDI. I can’t think of a better way to start a new business! By the time your first 3 months are up, you could be into profit, making enough to cover your $10 monthly fee as well as being on your way into earning an excellent income!


How To Sign Up With Global Domains International


Once you’ve completed your WebSite.Ws account, Go to the “GDI LEARNING BONUS PAGE” page…